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"Kathleen has worked with me over 20 years after a back surgery I had."

She is very professional and great to work with. I look forward to my appointments with her and feel good afterwards.

— Greg D. (Dana Point)


Kathleen is wonderful. She works hard to get you your ideal schedule and is a great motivator. Being 3 mo postpartum, my body was really weak. After one month, I can see and feel a great difference. I look forward to see how the next few months go as I continue my journey to get my body back.

— Juliet E. (San Clemente)

“I'm a 70 year old guy. I've lost 35 lbs., added muscle, gained strength....”

Kathleen has been my trainer for two years.  I was never sold on having a trainer but working with her has made a huge difference in my life.  I had back trouble, let myself go & was in pretty terrible condition when we started - poor balance, lacking in strength, had difficulty walking without discomfort.  For the first several months, she just stretched me; my legs were incredibly tight.  Then we moved to working out - on the stairs, the ball, the floor, with & without weights (& she still stretches me as well).  She's really knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness including diet and she's a great workout partner.  I've lost about 35 lbs., added muscle, gained strength, improved my balance, learned a lot & just generally feel really good.  Our sessions require hard work but the routine is varied & it's fun.

— Walt S. (San Clemente)

"I have absolutely no cellulite on my entire body..."

I tried for many years to get rid of my cellulite around my hips, stomach and thighs. I hired other fitness trainers that were unable to help me. I watched Kathleen at the gym while she was training her clients. I notice her clients becoming more and more fit. They were looking beautiful. I had to find out what Kathleen's secret was. Kathleen has a unique way of training and incorporating nutrition into your diet. She educated me on the body weight, targeting specific muscles, bone strength, digestive system and much more. Kathleen taught me how to strengthen my weak back, neck and shoulder areas. She has amazing recipes for great tasting, nutritional meals. Because of Kathleen I have absolutely no cellulite on my entire body and no more aches and pains. I am 52 years old and look like a teenager again. I know that may sound hard to believe but it is true!!

- Sandy P. (San Juan Capistrano)

“She's a wonderful trainer who builds a plan just for you.”

I came to Kathleen with multiple health issues  including Hashimoto's (thyroid disease) and a tailbone injury. She went above and beyond to tailor a work out plan for me taking all of these issues into account. She also provided me with lots of exercises and nutritional advice that I could work on when I'm traveling or away from the gym. I highly recommend her to anyone regardless of their fitness level.

— Siara A. (Dana Point)

Kathleen Lavin is a very knowledgeable trainer and knows more about body mechanics than many physical therapists I have been to. She has a unique ability to spot weaknesses and she tailors the workout to strengthen those weaknesses.

He workouts are always different, and she even meets me at the park down the street from my house. Kathleen Lavin is a very knowledgeable trainer and knows more about body mechanics than many physical therapists I have been to. She has a unique ability to spot weaknesses and she tailors the workout to strengthen those weaknesses.  Her workouts are always different which is unique compared to other personal trainers that I've worked with.  I find it very convenient that she meets me at the park down the street from my house too.

— AJ T. (San Clemente)


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The best... Kathleen is a very professional trainer, yet ultra friendly too. You can tell she lives a very healthy lifestyle as she eats well and is extremely fit. She shares diet ideas all the time if you want to hear them but never is preaching to you. She prides herself on being on time and giving you the entire hour of workout time. I was fairly fit going in or so I thought... but within 2 months of working out with Kathleen, I had every neighbor and friend asking me, "what are you doing to look so good?". My body hadn't looked this good since before kids and even then probably not... i thought i knew how to work out but.... what you find out real quick is, when you do certain exercises in the way she tells you, the results are amazing! And the best part is, almost every time you get something different to do.. so you don't get bored. She is always mixing it up. So, a personal trainer is definitely the way to go. She will change your body, and your life.

—Patti F. (San Clemente)


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I've been working out for many years but recently have been plagued by back problems and was referred to therapy. She knows more than the therapists and she was able to convincingly explain to me why parts of my workout were contributing to my back problem. Then she showed me alternative exercises to work the target muscles without jeopardizing my back. The new exercises are doing the job and I feel fortunate to have met her.

— Jack L. (San Clemente)

I have been training with Kathleen for over 16 years. Each workout is unique and built around my needs. Not only has she kept me fit and strong but over the years she has managed my rehab from a serious bicycle accident and a recent knee surgery. I am very particular about how I spend my money and who I spend time with. 16 plus years says it all!

—John R. (Laguna Beach)